World of Football


FIFA – Fédération Internationale de Football Association – organizing


FIFA Confederations:

AFC Asian Football Confederation – organizing  Asian Cup.

CAF Confédération Africaine de Football – organizing African Cup of Nations.

CONCACAF Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football – organizing  CONCACAF Gold Cup.

CONMEBOL – Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol – organizing  Copa America.

OFC – Oceania Football Confederation – organizing OFC Nations Cup.

UEFA Union of European Football Associations – organizing UEFA European Championship.

Non-FIFA Confederations

Two continental confederations exist within the NF-Board.

  • CSANF – Consejo Sudamericano de Nuevas Federaciones – 4 members + 1 associate – represents teams not affiliated to FIFA in South America.
  • NAANF – represents non-FIFA teams in North America, Central America, Caribbean and in the Arctic region.

Inter Continental

  • GFU Gulf Football Union – organizing  Gulf Cup.
  • PFC Panamerican Football Confederation – organizing Panamerican Championship.
  • UAFA Union Arab de Football Association – organizing  Arab Nations Cup.


Africa Affiliated to CAF

CECAFA – Council of East and Central African Football Associations – 10 members – organizing CECAFA Cup.

COSAFA – Council of Southern African Football Associations – 14 members -organizing COSAFA Cup.

WAFU (UFOA) – Union of West African Football Associations – 8 members – organizing WAFU Nations Cup.

UNAF – Union of North African Federations – 5 members

UNIFFAC – Union des Fédérations du Football de l’Afrique Centrale – 8 members -organizing CEMAC Cup.

Asia Affiliated to AFC

WAFF – West Asian Football Federation – 13 members – organizing West Asian Football Federation Championship.

EAFF – East Asian Football Federation – 9 members organizing East Asian Cup.

CESAFA – Central and South Asian Football Federation – 13 members – divided in two federations: SAFF and CAFF.


South Asian Football Federation – 8 members – organizing SAFF Championship.


Central Asian Football Federation – 5 members

AFF – ASEAN Football Federation – 12 members – organizing AFF Football Championship.

North America Affiliated to CONCACAF

CFU – Caribbean Football Union – 30 members – organizing Caribbean Cup.

LIFA – Leeward Islands Football Association – 11 members – organizing Leeward Islands Tournament.

WIFA – Windward Islands Football Association – 4 members – organizing Windward Islands Tournament.

NAFU – North American Football Union – 3 members – organizing North American Nations Cup.

UNCAF Union Centroamericana de Fútbol – 7 members – organizing UNCAF Nations Cup.



Global Futsal organizations


FIFA – Fédération Internationale de Football Association –


FIFA Futsal World Cups

Al-Fateh Confederations Futsal Cup

Mediterranean Futsal Cup

Futsal Mundialito

Grand Prix de Futsal

Arab Futsal Championship

Confederation of African Football nations organizing African Futsal Championship

Asian Football Confederation nations organizing AFC Futsal Championship

 UEFA organizing UEFA Futsal Championship 

Futsal competition of the CONCACAF nations organizing CONCACAF Futsal Championship

Oceania Football Confederation nations organizing Oceanian Futsal Championship

Futsal competition of the CONMEBOL nations organizing Copa América de Futsal


Africa – North African Futsal Cup
Asia – Asian Indoor Games Futsal Championship
– ASEAN Futsal Championship
– West Asian Futsal Championship
South America – Odesur Games

USFF – United States Futsal – governing the sport of Futsal in the United States since 1981

Global Minifootball organizations

WMA World MiniFootball Association – organizing EuroFans 2012 and supporting Minifootball Organizations worldwide –


EMF – European minifootball federation – 22 Associations – organizing miniEuro championship –


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