Екипировка за Спорт

Екипировка за Спорт

Добре дошли във Футуристичния Спортен Шоурум – разгледай, избери, поръчай и използвай със и за здраве!

Единствено във Фуутура – Директен Световен Избор за Спорт и Активен начин на живот !



EMAG – Екипировка за отборни спортове


Generic - English 250x250


We are involved in the development of sports-social models for a healthier lifestyle, as a means of social inclusion and as a means of personal development and informal learning. Our Footura fashion line and all our own products are made entirely on a voluntary basis and with our own resources such as time, etc. Accordingly, in the process of preparing our models, which we present here in our Zazzle store – https://www.zazzle.com/store/footura/products, we experiment with our imagination without looking for a specific commercial trends or benefit. Our first models are distinguished by combining the sporty spirit with abstract drawings and inscriptions – they are separated in our first collection, called FooturAbstract. By purchasing from our designed products or simply unbranded products through our store, you support our activities as a social organization.

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