Фуутура изпрати трима младежи на обмен в Португалия

Фуутура изпрати трима младежи на обмен в Португалия

Трима младежи, подбрани и изпратени от Сдружение Фуутура, имаха възможността да участват в международния трейнинг курс “Пътешествието на лидера” (“Leader’s journay”), който се проведе от 26 юни до 2 юли близо до Порто, Португалия. Дейностите бяха финансирани по програма Еразъм + и са част от проектите на Фуутура за развитие на младежките капацитет и участие

Ето и основните цели на обмена:

Project management is a journey that has to be experienced and learned, day after day. There are so many essential tools we need, and we do not teach in school, we have to learn for ourselves. This project relates to this thought: go hand participant in this long journey. Confronting participants with new situations, situations where they have to react, make decisions, take a position of leadership or submission. Participants will have the place to get to know themselves and to reflect on how their attitudes have influence in their daily lives. Participants will also be led to think and to build a greenfield project that will be implemented during this activity, so that they can analyze all points from planning through to project implementation, taking the opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your project.



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