Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sports

Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sports

Results of PAIS project

TRANSNATIONAL Macedonia, Bulgaria and Italy

PROJECT DURATION From January 2019 till 30th September 2020


Institute Django – Skopje

FOOTURA – Bulgaria

CEIPES – Italy

Project Description

The project’s overall objective is to increase the activation of disadvantaged persons and sport personnel and their inclusion by improving their skills, education, qualification and facilitating their integration into grassroots sports.This overarching objective is broken down into specific purposes involving concrete interventions on three fronts:

Purpose 1: Improve the efficiency of sport and social service workers especially those involved into grassroots sports as a way of promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups by assisting professionals from the organizations for the visually impaired and adapted education teachers.

Purpose 2: Empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and give them the besic skills and experience required to break down the hurdles they encounter on simple participating into grassroots sports through a training programmes developed by specialists with experience on the inclusion of disadvantaged persons.

Purpose 3: Foster improvements in service delivery by, raising public awareness, and developing effective partnerships among key stakeholders (families, social workers, special education teachers, non-governmental organizations involved in service delivery, social partners, education and training providers) to produce results on the ground.

Project expected results:

The competences and skills of professionals working closely with the target group will be greatly strengthened through the training programmes, developed with the specialists on the subject, thereby promoting efficiency.


The participation into grassroots sports of disadvantaged people will be enhanced by promoting the idea that sport is for everyone. By developing new training programmes developed with the target group taken into account established facilities and specialists will be able to offer their services to a broader public.


Cooperation among local NGOs will be strengthened through targeted networking and partnership-building activities that will clearly aim at leading the target groups to active participation into grassroots sports.


Key stakeholders will benefit as the project will provide recommendations and help improve knowhow and service frameworks that are needed for the replication of best practices.

Stakeholder and public awareness will be raised through volunteer promotion to advocate the need of inclusion of the the disadvantaged persons and awareness-raising events will be held with the aim to dismantle prejudice and attitudinal barriers preventing the Action’s target groups from participation into any grassroots sport.


Results of PAIS project

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