Footura presents YOPPEE Premium package

Footura presents YOPPEE Premium package

Association Footura Presents: YOPPEE UPPEE Associated Youth Package

What is the package?

* Associated Youth Package YOPPEE UPPEE is a continuation of the efforts of the Association Footura in the development of youth personal development and entrepreneurship, as well as opportunities for successful involvement in various community initiatives. The package is based on the mobile application YOPPEE and the users of the UPPEE package receive priority and only valuable information about various youth opportunities.

For whom?

* The package is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of their location, social, ethnic, economic, religious or other affiliation.
* Most useful for the age group 16-35 years.

What do you get?

* Priority receipt of information related to youth opportunities – competitions, exchanges, scholarships, work, internships, seminars, free and promotional offers, vouchers, etc. The information will be sent by e-mail or message on Facebook with a direct link to the relevant option (minimum 37 options per year).
– This way you will be able to have in advance all the information about any of the projects available in Yoppee delivered directly to you, no matter if you are using Android, iOS, Windows or any other operating system.
– The information and the links that you will receive will be accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

* Individual attitude:
– 1 individual online consultation per year on issues related to joint participation in projects, exchanges, programs, as well as conditions, documents, opportunities, etc.
– 1 specific individual consultation – according to the personal preferences of the participant
– 1 individual online consultation per year on issues related to sports and active / healthy lifestyle

* Priority inclusion in Footura groups in youth and other international programs (if possible and if the conditions of the program are met)

* Advantages when registering for the youth or sports events of Footura or for other activities and opportunities organized by us.

* Priority information and inclusion as a volunteer in our / partner events, so you can gain valuable experience, as well as recommendations, certificates of volunteering, internships and more.

* Online branded materials of Footura, with your initials or name written on it. Online certificate for associate membership in Footura

* Inclusion in additional internal information channels of Footura

* 1 hour of free sports (tennis or table tennis) in Sofia – with a friend, against another user of the package or against a representative of Footura. The place is determined by Footura, the date and time are chosen together.

* Additional benefits under development

How can you get involved?

Express your interest and questions at email or Text us on Facebook page: Yoppee (


Associated Youth Package YOPPEE UPPEE costs 6 euro per year, and it can be paid electronically through:

Paypal / Epay / Revolut / Bitcoin / Ecwid / TransferWise / Bank transfer

(We will send you detailed information about the methods of payment in response to your initial email. When making the payment it is necessary to indicate at least your two names and reference YOPPEE UPPEE)

The proceeds from the package will be used entirely in the development of the YOPPEE mobile application, as well as the overall development of the Association Footura . Each user will receive a document for the payment. Everyone will be able to unsubscribe from the YOPPEE UPPEE Package within 1 month of its activation, and the money will be refunded. Everyone can prepay their package, and if you prepay for 3 years, the total price will be 12 euro.




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