Бюлетин MATCH – Social inclusion opportunities 2 (2018)

Бюлетин MATCH – Social inclusion opportunities 1 (2017)

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Footura sport association Bulgaria wishes you Happy New Year 2016

Dear friends,
The Footura Team congratulates you with the New Year 2016!

The past year can be called the year of establishing of the final concept of our organization. We have done a really great job, we meticulously developed every new feature and systematically achieved the target goals. And today, when analysing the results of our joint efforts, we can safely say that we are headed in the absolutely right direction! You can find our presentation in the end of this message.

We thank you for your trust and hope that our fruitful collaboration will continue also in the year 2016. We will try to ensure many pleasant surprises, updates and innovations in our work, that will make Footura better and results of our work - much more efficient.

And, you know... for some reason it seems to us that THE UPCOMING YEAR IS OURS – together with you!
That this is the year in which you will be able to unlock your potential and achieve absolutely crazy success that you even didn't dream of achieving... And we, for our part, will do everything we can to help you with this!

Please accept our most sincere wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to you and your families!
And may the New Year bring you success in all your endeavours!
Be happy and give kindness to people - it will definitely come back!

Yours faithfully,
Emiliyan Metodiev
Association Footura
www.footura.com (multi-language version)

Footura -presentationEN

Footura sport association Bulgaria wishes you Happy New Year 2015


Footura is an European non-government organization for development and support of various sports and sport ativities with social impact. We believe that the active way of life, practicing of various sports on amateur level is the key for good health and sport education to children and youths, for mentally and physically healthier society, for better base for future professional sportsmen, etc. 



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2014 …

– 2014 was very good for us because we continued our project activity in local and international plan – with successful projects through Sofia municipality, Ministry of EduCation, FARE organization, European Move Week, active participation and won project through Erasmus etc.   

– Footura continued with the development of its amateur network of tournaments – tennis, table tennis, table soccer, field hokey, charity football tournaments…

– Footura started the work on its sport schools in tennis, table tennis, football and field hockey.

– We started our sport consultancy activity and management.

Find out more about us on www.footura.com


Footura is an open organization for everyone that shares our vision about sports and sport culture. We’ll be glad to work with you in any sport direction / opportunity. Because together we are stronger. We are stronger to be useful. We are a growing community that strives to be better with every new day and we will be happy to receive more comments and advices from you – here in our website, by email – info@footura.com, by phone – 359/887/883980 or through the social media sources that we use – Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter