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In addition to complying with all the rules of the Erasmus + Program and the other programs in which we participate, Association Footura also has a number of internal work rules in the Good Governance codex, the most important of which are:

Footura does not offer or participate in pipeline projects, we only apply and participate in projects if we like the project and it fits our profile, experience and capacity.

Footura does not engage in any activities qualified by us as „dropshipping“ projects

Footura’s engaged experts are provided with favorable working conditions and the best work-life balance through:
– focus – our experts do not work on more than 3 international projects
– promoting the principle of efficiency over fixed working hours and monotony
– active teamwork and using the principles of general brainstorming

All this is part of the efforts of Footura’s management to provide excellent conditions for the fulfillment of commitments and our direct participation in various projects and initiatives.